Full-Service Dive Experience in Cozumel Mexico

Sea Robin Cozumel offers private dive sessions, including

  • Equipment rentals and cleaning
  • Day and night dives
  • Private dive sessions
  • Special dives for advanced divers
  • Classes for beginners and more
Sea Robin Cozumel

What We Do

We offer scuba and snorkeling on the 2nd most extensive reef systems in the world. Our goal is to provide more personalized services to our clients. We take pride in offering dives for advanced divers. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best recreational and technical training if you are a beginner. We are a welcoming, kind-hearted, and fun crowd doing what we love and loving what we do.

Get in Touch

We are a trained, licensed, and certified scuba diving business. If you want to enjoy your dive vacation, both on and off the boat, get in touch with us today. Your adventure starts here.

Reach us at +1 (909) 238-2434, +1 (970) 413-4212, +1(951) 824-9073, or send an email to We can help you with diving and hotel reservations.